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Tuesday, 01. November 2011
WoW Patch 4.3: Interface improvement or Buy WoW Gold - Pimp My Maps!
By gulsick, 04:40

Actually, it is available in each patch, the Buy WoW Gold small, but mostly subtle changes to the Buy WoW Gold interface, have made the Buy WoW Gold WoW over the Buy WoW Gold years more comfortable. And so the Buy WoW Goldre are now also available with patch 4.3 Two small things that will delight us in the Buy WoW Gold future. First, the Buy WoW Gold minimap is improved, the Buy WoW Goldre are more filter and settings. On the Buy WoW Gold othe Buy WoW Goldr hand, the Buy WoW Gold normal map has received an appreciation, which would be very welcome, especially for newcomers.

Buy WoW Gold

One of the Buy WoW Gold great new things that the Buy WoW Gold mini can now finally, is that you can show the Buy WoW Goldre can target areas for quests or archaeological sites. Thus, the Buy WoW Gold view is attributable to the Buy WoW Gold world map, if one has already opened in the Buy WoW Gold right direction, but not so sure about it, if you are already reached the Buy WoW Gold target area or not. Also aims to focus the Buy WoW Goldre will now be displayed and optionally the Buy WoW Gold entire menu with the Buy WoW Gold options has been designed a little clearer.

the Buy WoW Gold world map has donated a new feature for newcomers to get a display, perfect for what level range the Buy WoW Gold individual areas. If you hold your mouse on the Buy WoW Gold outline map of an area, you get behind the Buy WoW Gold name is now displayed its level range. This feature was previously only accessible by this addon and Blizzard has once again taken a useful addon feature in the Buy WoW Gold default UI.

Even if the Buy WoW Gold small changes are not the Buy WoW Gold huge and stunning features, but the Buy WoW Goldy serve to the Buy WoW Gold game as a whole and to make better use of various add-ons unnecessary. Which add-on functionality or feature that you would for the Buy WoW Gold interface you want? Tell us in the Buy WoW Gold comments!

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Friday, 28. October 2011
Bone eSport's couch: Buy WoW Gold HiGolds Smasher in private!
By gulsick, 08:35

A few weeks ago had the Buy WoW Gold colleagues from our partner already on the Buy WoW Gold second season of ESL's bones sofa reported. In the Buy WoW Gold show travels to the Buy WoW Gold famous CS Moderator Matthias 'bones' Remmert through Germany and accompanied gamers in the Buy WoW Goldir daily lives. the Buy WoW Gold idea is to give the Buy WoW Gold community an insight into the Buy WoW Gold life of e-sports. As Season 1 will include four episodes of Season 2.

Buy WoW Gold

This time was "bone" a guest at Smasher by some as perhaps the Buy WoW Gold fury warriors of the Buy WoW Gold German top guilds "For the Buy WoW Gold Horde" @ Nazjatar know and now with his colleagues in the Buy WoW Gold guild Kerrag "Cortex" @ Gilneas is on the Buy WoW Gold way (if we are correctly informed).

What a pro-gamer in addition to his hobby in his spare time, othe Buy WoW Gold wise WoW drives so you can see in the Buy WoW Gold video below. Have fun!


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Thursday, 18. August 2011
"Yakuza": The story so far ...
By gulsick, 10:04

Gang wars, power struggles and street brawls? Clear-cut case: it must revolve around the history of the "Yakuza" series on ps2 controller.

Honor and obey

In October 1995 the police found in an apartment in the red light district of, the corpse of the head of the family Dojima - also at the scene: Kazuma wii controller. This scene is a mirror image of the tough world of "Yakuza" for wii controller

When it comes to save the honor of the brother's blood, no sacrifice is too great - even if not, if it exists in a prison sentence of ten years and the loss of honor. And so wii controllers ascent is unique in the underworld of braked abruptly.

But after a dip in the December of 2005, wii controller is on the loose again. For a man like wii controller freedom carries with it its own risks. Kamurocho, his old neighborhood is almost unrecognizable, disappeared without a trace of his best friends and, worse still, be the Tojo Clan considers him for a crime he did not commit, as a traitor and murderer.

Akira Nishikiyama, the new head of wii controllers family and the man for whom he sacrificed ten years of his life is seen as anything but grateful. At the same time, the whole underworld of in search of 10 million yen, which disappeared after a robbery. The suspect: wii controller.

The events take place against a backdrop of the neon lights of bars, gambling dens and seedy clubs where friendly conversation can degenerate into brutal beatings at lightning speed as soon as someone lays hands in the clay. The survival strategy is simple: marriage and no one is ever on the alert!

Duel of Dragons

wii controller Kazuma has to "Yakuza 2" closed for wii controller with its past. But for the man who once came as a Dragon of Dojima (Dragon of Dojima) to fame, it comes as it must come.

A year after the events of "Yakuza" wii controller has guided his life in quiet lanes. However, it takes not too long until it catches up with his past in the form of lost dream secrets and clan disputes.

wii controllers Tojo clan is fighting on two fronts and is faced with the Omi clan from the south, while simultaneously threatening a terrible secret that has the enmity of a powerful Korean NGO, to destroy the union from within. Driven by the desire for revenge and the quest for power, it comes in "Yakuza 2" terrible confrontations, the ps2 controller love to have waived.

Not only does the murder of a Korean mob boss 20 years ago by ps2 controller foster father a crucial role, but also the ruthless pursuit of power by Ryuji Goda, the Dragon of Kansai (Dragon of Kansai), it has set itself the goal to become the leader ascend the dreaded Yakuza in Japan.

To survive and to bury his past once and for all, must remember to ps2 controller to long-forgotten skills. Only then drawn from the numerous fights dragon has a chance to find a well-deserved peace.

Ghosts of the Past

But "Yakuza 3" for wii controller teaches a lesson to all who believe that they could turn back the yakuza.

On the idyllic islands of Okinawa ps2 controller Kazuma has finally found his peace. Given his work in an orphanage by the sea, which together with the daughter he pursues his first love, his past seems to be one of the most feared gangsters in Japan finally a thing of the past.

Than hanging around, however, two suspicious figures near the orphanage awaken in ps2 controller familiar instincts. His intervention is inevitable, and soon it becomes clear that there's more at stake than just wii controllers peace.

It issued an eviction order. The orphanage will be closed. The reason given, that is planned to be built on the site of the hoard a holiday hotel. But nothing is as it first seems, and suddenly emerge as more familiar faces in Okinawa, for wii controller is no doubt that the Yakuza has their finger in the game.

It is clear that the threat of Japanese society by the Yakuza is even larger, as was believed wii controller. Soon also seeps through, that the gangsters cooperating with the government to build a military camp.

Given the background of influential men who have to be kept happy, the local Yakuza alarmed at the attempt to eliminate ps2 controller, at nothing. Are based on traditions of the entanglements, distraction and cold-blooded crime, but an old hat.

Reluctantly, wii controller looks forced to fight for his home, his honor and his future - a fight that he can win only if he again makes his past. wii controller, it will simply not be able to banish from his yakuza life, and he must realize at the end of "Yakuza 3" that the fight against the crime syndicate other than as is over. As the saga goes on, you can in "Yakuza 4" experience for wii controller.

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Android Cheap cell phones informed of missed calls on the landline
By gulsick, 10:04

The AVM Fritz box manufacturer has launched its new Cheap cell phoneslication Fritz published ticker Cheap cell phones for smartCheap cell phones with Google's Android operating system. The available free on Android Market dual sim cell phone shows smartphone users to move to a landline phone missed calls.

With the Fritz unlocked phones Online users can check their Android Cheap cell phones go call list for the domestic fixed line and start if from the same Cheap cell phoneslication or from Contacts via cell phone to call back. The corresponding widget on the home screen of the phone shows the number of missed calls, the date of the call and the phone numbers of callers. The user can also see the display in which the native had missed calls answering machine turned on. Not possible via the Cheap cell phones queries on the answering machine.

The call list on the Homecsreen widget updates automatically in the background, as long as the phone is turned on and not in standby mode. In standby mode, according to AVM is no update to conserve battery power of the Android Cheap cell phones. Once the phone is taken out of the slumber mode, the call list in the Fritz-ticker Cheap cell phones will automatically be brought up to date. The update can be done either via WiFi connection or through a Cheap cell phones data connection.

Prerequisite for using the Fritz ticker Cheap cell phones is a smart phone with the operating system version 2.1 or higher Eclair, one of Fritzbox models 7390, 7270 or 7240 with latest firmware. In the expert view of the configuration menu of the DSL router, users must also have set up remote access and a Dynamic DNS address.

With the AVM Fritz Fon Cheap cell phones is already an refurbished phones lication for Cheap cell phones phone calls via the fixed network and broadband Internet line (VoIP). The software connects to it via WiFi with the FRITZ! Routers (7390, 7270 or 7170). In the current version 0.17 of the Fritz-ticker Cheap cell phones is a beta version, which may contain more bugs.

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China wholesale reversal of the current growth pattern
By gulsick, 10:03

Continuous decline in the export data, PMI export orders index continued to fall, exporters hit the "three waste two high" dilemma, the debt crisis warning of success in Europe ... ... in the June 10 General Administration of Customs import and export data before the latest disclosure, various uncertainty factors that analysts have concerns about the situation of China wholesale heating up.

"China wholesale easy to remain on an upward channel, China wholesale maintain the growth pattern is not reversed." Ministry of Commerce of China wholesale official yesterday given a "reassurance."

Released data show that day, the first five months, China wholesale import and export value $ 1.40179 trillion, up 27.4%. Which exports $ 712.38 billion, up 25.5%; imports 689.41 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 29.4%. Industry insiders believe that the growth rate of imports than exports, reflecting China wholesale expansion of import policy to achieve a certain effect, this will become a long-term trend.

Export woeful decline in foreign demand

Many analysts have pointed out in an interview with reporters, the recent economic slowdown in developed economies, there are signs, so in the coming months, dropship from China export growth is likely to further decline.

From the external environment, leading indicators have indeed worsened. The OECD recently published in April consumer confidence index and business confidence index fell slightly. "Fall in external demand that export prospects are grim." Soochow Securities Research Institute deputy director Huang Lin pointed out that the recent U.S. manufacturing data, retail sales and real estate market data were lower than expected, and the euro zone debt crisis once again to the stage, leading to uncertain economic outlook increased. In addition, the emerging economies for the continuous implementation of anti-inflationary tightening will gradually transfer to the real economy. "These are China wholesale export growth of a certain pressure."

Bank's latest report also pointed out that the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other major developed countries, economic recovery is slowing the overall export environment for China wholesale negative, taking into account Europe and Japan and China wholesale frictions, the U.S. implementation of the export-driven employment and economic recovery policy, will lead to slowdown in exports to China wholesale.

However, "As the recovery continues in developed economies, while China dropshipper exports of goods still maintained a relatively high competitiveness, we believe that a serious slowdown in exports is unlikely." Huang Lin added.

The Commerce Department official said, intensified domestic restructuring, transformation and upgrading of the government to speed up the pace, companies pay more attention to technology innovation, product quality and brand marketing will help create a "China wholesale made" new advantages in international competition.

Balance of trade surplus narrowed China wholesale improvement

Customs data show that in May dropship from China export 157.16 billion U.S. dollars, up 19.4 percent, and imports 144.11 billion U.S. dollars, up 28.4%. January-May cumulative China wholesale surplus $ 22.97 billion, down 35.1%.

Widely believed, in May, dropship from China surplus than expected, the past five months, China wholesale surplus growth trend, China wholesale overall annual surplus will reduce China wholesale, dropship from China balance will improve.

This year, the Commerce Department will expand imports, and promote China dropshipper balance as a priority in optimizing the structure of imports, import facilitation to promote and improve the import promotion system and has taken a number of measures, and achieved positive results.

As "1025" period China dropshipper import of electromechanical products to promote a programmatic document, made it clear to gradually increase the advanced technology and key equipment, key parts of the proportion of imports; to promote imports of investment goods, consumer goods and intermediate goods, the proportion of structural rationalized; meet a new generation of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection of strategic industries and other key industries in emerging demand for imports; effective relief with major countries and regions China wholesale surplus rapid growth.

"Imports grew faster than exports, reflecting China wholesale expansion of import policy to achieve a certain effect, this will become a long-term trend." National Development and Reform Commission, Academy of Macroeconomic Research, said Zhang Yansheng, director of foreign economic relations.

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LED Tube: saving more than 60%
By gulsick, 10:03

Yesterday morning, a scientific and technological achievements matchmaking, as well as the province has attracted national attention, had just prepared more than 300 venues, did not expect to suddenly come to more than 500 people, and to people who constitute a broad, business owners, science and technology department of government, and some venture capital fund manager.

The results of matching, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yuandigezuo Bureau, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology, Nanjing Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, SuZhou city government sponsored. It is worth mentioning that this conference, the CAS system, all experts in the field of semiconductor LED Tube the scene, and bring pressure bottom of the latest scientific research.

Liu Cheng LED Tube power-saving, longer life

Semiconductor led bulbs lamps technology why this fire? Such a high standard of industrial docking activities, why on SuZhou held, and attracted Nanjing, Suzhou and northern Jiangsu and other large enterprise after another city?

This led lights for home is led bulbs lamps (LED lights emitting diode) - a SuZhou is committed to creating industry, a change in the future we are and we live in the cold led lights for home of solid content.

Explain the led fluorescent tube replacement fluorescent tube replacement source technology, need to introduce electric LED Bulbs, from Edison invented the incandescent lamp, the LED Lights emitting heating LED Bulbs has been a principle, not a revolutionary breakthrough, starting with a bonfire burning in the wild, there is no essential difference between the LED Tube. Until 1933, a Japanese production of fluorescent phosphors and enterprises to develop high-brightness blue LED lights-emitting diodes, seven colors of visible LED light combined, revealing white, this technology has achieved a breakthrough.

CAS Nanjing Branch Xiao-Hong Gu, vice president of introduction, should be proud of is that not the same as with other high-tech for led lights for home technology, China has independent intellectual property rights.

Concerned parties, that the fluorescence generated by the LED Bulbs products, do not need additional energy into heat, so can saving 60%, and can be made of particles, long life, suitable for almost all environments.

"LED Tube technology in many fields of application are open, for example, LED Bulbs to help plants through photosynthesis, plants need the monochromatic T8 LED Tube if you choose, you can save a lot of electricity, because other plants do not absorb the spectrum." Concerned parties.

SuZhou province standard LED lights will be developed

"The next three to five years, led fluorescent tube replacement industry will enter a golden period of development." Xiao-Hong Gu, vice president, the "next time, LED Tube industry's growth rapidly, especially the current Japanese nuclear leak, ever to promote and enhance people's awareness of energy saving at the same time, demand for LED T8 Tube will further increase the Chinese LED T8 Tube will usher in an opportunity to seize the market. "

In fact, SuZhou led bulbs lamps companies already smell a business opportunity, last year's World Expo in Shanghai, Expo LED Tube with over 1 billion particles. SuZhou local businesses SFT Optoelectronic Expo is the first beneficiary of the product was selected for the World Expo outdoor landscape.

In the zone, a Jun Mao led bulbs lamps optical production of Taiwan-funded enterprises

LED Tube technology used in television. In the front of the company, two screen displays, one is the use of LED Bulbs; the other one is the traditional CCFL LED Bulbs LCD screen, for visitors who, LED Bulbs display colors more brilliant.

It is understood that the city beginning in 2009 the LED Bulbs identified as a strategic industry, already has a cover substrate, epitaxy, chip, packaging, cooling, application of all aspects of semiconductor LED Light, the whole industry chain, especially last year, new city MOCVD and other key equipment more than 50 units can be formed 1 million blue-green epitaxial wafers and 400 000 red, yellow, LED lights wafer production scale, the city has a volume and high-quality MOCVD epitaxial wafers will account for the country's total output of 1 / 5 or more.

In addition, SuZhou, or national semiconductor industry base, the Ministry of Science and was listed as the "city of ten thousand," the pilot cities.

It is understood that the province of Nanjing, SuZhou, Zhenjiang, Suzhou, Wuxi, Yancheng, Changzhou and other cities have a more concentrated semiconductor clusters, but SuZhou in this industry has a clear comparative advantage, so the matchmaking on SuZhou held. In addition, Jiangsu Province, LED Tube street LED Tube standards, quality control by the joint industry of SuZhou City, presided over the development within the enterprise.

SuZhou display new technology aimed at businesses

Matchmaking Institute of scientific and technological achievements will be invited on SuZhou, China is committed to building optical SuZhou city step. The Matchmaking Symposium during the two sessions this year, Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences started the second round after a comprehensive strategic partnership, the two sides held their first hospital to docking activities.

Vice Mayor Wen said at the meeting was introduced in 2010, the city proposed to fight the Chinese optical SuZhou City, SuZhou around this goal is currently to do three things: LED Light, solar photovoltaic, and open up both the between the channels. T8 LED Tube industry is now the key is to use, SuZhou will also be introduced around the use of a variety of production support policies, want to help the Chinese Academy of Sciences, SuZhou and strengthen the use of part of the LED Light industry.

Interview, the reporter also learned that semiconductor T8 LED Tube technology is also changing, SuZhou some companies have developed in preparation for OLED technology to replace LED Light display technology. The technology at the Shanghai World Expo last year there had been.

Last year, Japan's Sony and Germany's Merck LED Bulbs its new OLED display technology, OLED laptop, can not roll into the shaft, use a tremendous pull on the screen, half the space for the virtual keyboard, touch panel can be fully formed computer. Technology leader within the Expo Hall in Japan, is used in all OLED. Inorganic compounds using conventional led fluorescent tube replacement, and OLED as a LED lights-emitting organic molecules using plastic materials, and smaller particles, the naked eye can not see. More to the point, OLED itself can be LED T8 Tube, using different substrate materials with physical properties can be curly.

What is OLED display technology?

OLED display technology with the traditional LCD display in different ways, no LED Bulbs, with a very thin coating of organic material and the glass substrate, when a current is passed, these organic materials will be LED lights. OLED display screen can be done but thinner and led lights for home, larger viewing angle, and can significantly save power.

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Thursday, 21. July 2011
Semiconductor LED Tube industry in the heart of the global industry
By gulsick, 10:18

Globally, the semiconductor mraylighting industry to the United States, Asia, Europe, performed followed by three regional distribution of the three pillars of the industry and competition formed. With the rapid development of the market, the United States, Japan, Europe, the expansion of the major manufacturers have to accelerate market share. According to the current development of the global LED Tube forecasts of global LED Tube is the electricity consumption for LED Tubeing by half to reduce, beginning in 2007, Australia, Canada, USA, EU, Japan and China, Taiwan and other countries and regions have announced gradually from LED Tube, the development of LED Tube has become the focus of the global industry to.

China LED Tube industry began in the 1970s. After 30 years of development, China's LED Tube industry has emerged, including LED Tube epitaxial wafers, LED Tube chips preparation, LED Tube chips, packaging and application of LED Tube products, including a relatively complete industrial chain. "National Semiconductor LED Tubeing Project," driven by the formation of Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Shijiazhuang seven national semiconductor LED Tubeing industrial base. Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the northern Fujian, China LED Tube industry has become a meeting place.

Currently, China's semiconductor LED Light technology for the better, epitaxial silicon in particular the rapid development of the company, still the size of the packaging company to a rapid growth in LED Tubeing applications hold great progress. LED Tube application products in China in 2007 the output value has exceeded 30 billion yuan, has become a full-color LED Tube display, solar LED Tube landscape LED Tubeing and other applications of the world's largest producer and exporter, the emerging solid state LED Tubeing industry is taking shape . LED Tubeing in private households in the region has a certain property, which remained the fastest-growing outdoor LED Tubeing, LED Tubes are more than 100 companies and dozens of demonstration roads, but the domestic large-sized LCD backLED Tubeing and automotive headlamps area.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games focused on LED Bulbs display for the people a new understanding, a strong impetus for China's semiconductor LED Tube industry need. China's semiconductor industry, power industry big but not strong, remains the core of competitiveness can be further improved. Domestic companies expand scale and improve product quality and technical level is a priority to improve the future to obtain patents, when the asking price maker capability, or gradually by the R & D breakthroughs in core patents.

Development prospects and trends from the industry point of view because of environmental energy and reduce carbon attention so that the increasingly widespread use of solid-state T8 LED Tube, makes a large number of domestic and foreign companies are rushing to new industries. China's rapid economic development makes the international capital and private capital for China's semiconductor LED Tubeing market popular with Canada over the last few years in the domestic market to boom in 2010 the total output value of China's LED Tube industry exceeded 150 billion yuan will be set.

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Shopping center in central China LED Tube map new survey points
By gulsick, 10:17

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo will not only make the world a gourmet feast of visual development and speed to market Chinese LED Light, has a huge market for the global LED Tube.

Government support for the modernization of industry and a regional shopping center in a central LED Bulbs, to be sent march 2010, six departments of Henan Province Development and Reform Commission jointly the "province of Henan, to accelerate the development of semiconductor-oriented LED Tube industry" to accelerate the development of public semiconductor LED Tubeing technology (LED Tube) presented the New Deal, the LED Tube industry and the energy savings of Henan Province a significant portion of the environmental protection industry and the new low carbon economic growth, and as an important area of ??investment, from top to bottom to see a full range of preferential policies and financial support.

There are LED Tubes in the development of the global economic situation, demand, support the policies of local government, the industry leader has a strong presence. This Henan Zhongli International Group, has the possibility of creating a "change in China's trade imbalance industry between the north and south layout bridgehead LED Tube" great card business market, who was in central China, the foundation for the development of LED Tube industry.

Create a shopping center in central China mraylighting Trade Portal shopping center since the middle of the LED Tube project at the beginning to develop an ambitious strategy on Central, a nation at war, the whole world.

The strategic focus is trade, agents, chambers of commerce based on the alliance to great people to make great business, logistics, information flow, large cash flows is important leader in the LED Tube industry in northern China on a large scale development, promotion of regional industrial -, information, management, industry standards, a full upgrade, create a new milestone in the LED Tube industry in China, LED Tube is ultimately the business portal in China to be first.

Central Trading Center heavens generosity LED Tube

LED Tube in shopping center, classified as "national central areas of economic policy" in the heart of Zhengzhou, Chung Dong New Area will. Fushe large region in the north of China will benefit tens of billions of huge market, a development model of industrial clusters, the entire layout of the commercial format, the training of resource sharing, additional benefits of the LED Tube market, upgrade, and constantly update the industry development and management model, China LED Tube sub-overview map to create a bridgehead for the LED Tube industry in China, the supply of the country in the world of the street.

The industry should the effect of market platform of the cluster, a professional support high-end market, the market development of the market.

Currently there are no industry in Northern China T8 LED Tube market. The "trade center LED Tube Center" is a regional industrial prosperity of the basic elements of modern production methods by combining the collection and flash point, the companies have an economic value of its concentration and radiation.

Was born "LED Tube, shopping center," brought hundreds of millions of wealth, success Hongyuan Albert.

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Thursday, 19. May 2011
Avatars and Wallpaper Rift Gold
By gulsick, 10:20

Since the launch of the beta phase, we have reported on all sorts of issues and you always kept up to date. We observe our forum closely last chaos gold and provide you with any information are asked. Updated so we have just recently a range of content or new pages online.
Not only the number of visitors, but also our community and the number of beta players has been growing for days on very strong. The beauty of the thing that ye help each other, writing guides and reports on current topics and are often faster than we with the reporting.
This gives us great help from you at least a little air, so that we can take care about other things. We do not only report about the game, but to give something back to you, in the form of gifts. And now that we mean not only the numerous beta key we gave away in competitions.
Today we have added two new exclusive desktop wallpaper backgrounds in our corner. At the same time you can now find over 50 new avatars in the forum. Recently, we have complied with your wishes and have a few new added profile fields that were previously also arrived quite well.

We look forward to each of the larger rift gold community and will be watching in the future our forum and look exactly what you want.

I've loaded the protosspaper times and as a background done:) Ahh, the same time n made new wallpaper and avatars sin also very nice seeing from a great, new avatars, high praise from me.


Retrospective Last Chaos Gold
By gulsick, 10:20

For those of you who stretched 27 to Wait, we have now is the right to bridge the waiting time: in a (British) Last Chaos Gold retrospective led Blizzard Insider, a newsletter about Blizzard, an interview with Dustin Browder (Lead Designer WoW) they last chaos gold are about the creation of new units and abilities, the balancing and standing still.

Dustin: The development team would like to extend our appreciation rift gold to the beta testers who played with us rift gold and against us over the last several months - your contribution to the game has been enormous, and frankly, we could not have made wow without you. Your effort, passion, and dedication has made StarCraft II a much better game. Thank you!


Avatars and Wallpaper Rift Gold
By gulsick, 10:18

Since the launch of the beta phase, we have reported on all sorts of issues and you always kept up to date. We observe our forum closely last chaos gold and provide you with any information are asked. Updated so we have just recently a range of content or new pages online.
Not only the number of visitors, but also our community and the number of beta players has been growing for days on very strong. The beauty of the thing that ye help each other, writing guides and reports on current topics and are often faster than we with the reporting.
This gives us great help from you at least a little air, so that we can take care about other things. We do not only report about the game, but to give something back to you, in the form of gifts. And now that we mean not only the numerous beta key we gave away in competitions.
Today we have added two new exclusive desktop wallpaper backgrounds in our corner. At the same time you can now find over 50 new avatars in the forum. Recently, we have complied with your wishes and have a few new added profile fields that were previously also arrived quite well.

We look forward to each of the larger rift gold community and will be watching in the future our forum and look exactly what you want.

I've loaded the protosspaper times and as a background done:) Ahh, the same time n made new wallpaper and avatars sin also very nice seeing from a great, new avatars, high praise from me.


Tuesday, 10. May 2011
Bashiok about the system
By gulsick, 09:50

Since the computer parts that we got for Christmas now seem now to be obsolete already. interested in why there are many fans wow gold who have Diablo 3 system requirements will enable them to equip their PC accordingly. This question also appeared in the official forum, because a user asked what was on the demo machines and how the system will be for the game. Bashiok has commented in a detailed post.

"There are several reasons why the do not care what kind of machines that. Most of them are borrowed from hardware vendors. It is in our interest that the games look good and run around, is in their interest to their to showcase latest products. ENERAL So wow is that they give us their best and latest hardware. As we work with an on-Demo version, we use hardware, which could also come for the final version of the question. The game has not yet passed the final hardware load test before the the general public, for the first time pretiert, so we must ensure that at the shows and performing optimally. It can also help you to take to a certain extent possible technical hurdles, the pre in- optimized Entwiclungsstufe last chaos gold the game experience. ... So, the combination of hardware manufacturers with the latest and greatest, combined with our interest is a non-optimized version of the game look good, goes far beyond as to what then at the end of the recommended his conditions are, to say nothing of the need. ... "

As so often, therefore, no clear announcements because they are at the current time is not easy. It says again, wait and be patient.

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Patch 1.13, language and bloody reactions Details
By gulsick, 09:49

In times of an early starting wow gold is the flow of information for us fans of Diablo something on the track. But that we should not stop you the latest developments in the official forums to inform, because here and there but had Bashiok any additional remarks.

The first information relates especially those of you who want to bridge the time until the release in playing Diablo 2 and as eagerly as I await the much-heralded patch 1.13. When a user views the forum directly inquired what was now so when this come Bashiok replied that the work was interrupted because of a time when more important things Anl, but were now wow gold well received again. Well, you waiting on.

rift gold Another user statement dealt with the question waru we saw in Diablo 3 because none of the popular bloody scenes that were so ubiquitous in Diablo 2, just think of the prison of hatred or similar locations. Bashiok answer was short and concise.

"Hey, if people think there is not enough blood ... they still have not seen anything. That's sanctuaries. Demons and evil cults do not listen to torture or to stick to the bodies of their victims on sticks."

Blizzard games until the release releases, unless they meet their high standards, is known. Now rift gold also confirmed this again in language localization, this is intended to be good and professional.

"To support the process, additional languages for our products is not to take anything we easily. It supports the entire production, technically, the account in the game, translations, questions & answers, web-sites and the community support. This in turn requires that people are hired and trained to speak those languages. So, wow is more than a simple translation of a text file, but a range of support for the language and users who speak it. But we also need a lot to our products to spread in as many languages. We have not yet made any announcements regarding the languages other than English. "


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